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Wedding Dress Trends: Vogue, Brides, The Knot and More

Weddings are such special occasions that many couples look forward to as the best day of their lives. It is a time to celebrate the love between two people and share it with family and friends. And, of course, look *amazing.* As such, it is important for couples to choose the perfect dress for their […]

How to Make a Wedding Reception Playlist That’s Actually Good

Picture this. It’s your wedding reception. It’s 9pm, and you’ve been on your feet quite a bit all day. You’re an hour into the reception, and you made your own wedding reception playlist. You’re surrounded by family and friends, (maybe you’re a few cocktails in), and it comes on. Your song. The song that makes the […]

Wedding Planning Timeline: Creating a Budget and Choosing Your Vendors

Creating Your Wedding Budget It sounds daunting, but the first step to wedding planing should be creating your (ideal) budget. Set reasonable expectations for what kind of bang you can get for your buck, but don’t be afraid to dream big and write down EVERYTHING. Include what you’d like to have in your dream wedding, […]

15 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

It’s important to know your wedding day vendors, and even more important for them to be transparent with you while you’re getting to know them. I will say though – there are helpful questions you can ask, and then there are questions that have nothing to do with the photographer’s skillset, experience, personality, etc. Knowing what to […]

Wedding Photography Cost and Affordable Wedding Photography

Most of the time, as an inquiring customer, you’ve got to jump through a bunch of hoops and do tons of internet sleuthing to figure out the pricing of a vendor. When it comes to wedding photography, the cost may vary, but there are some industry standards. It’s not a one-size-fits-all type thing, since every […]

New York Wedding Photographers Sava Studio: Our Photography Style

Like the city of New York itself, the wedding photographers in the area are unique. New York wedding photographers are capable of adapting to lots of different styles, and we’re happy to give you examples of our own. What inspires us? What inspires you? We often look to pop culture when we need an extra […]

Do I Need A Second Wedding Photographer?

“Do I need a second photographer at my wedding? This is one of the biggest (and most important) questions asked when booking a wedding photographer. We totally understand why that question would be posed, and there are some totally valid pros & cons. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to have a […]

What Does a Maid of Honor Do? Ultimate Maid of Honor Checklist

Whether you’re a bride or newly-assigned Maid of Honor, this checklist should help you out. 27 Dresses. Bridesmaids. Made of Honor. Bachelorette. Great movies, but hopefully, none of that happens in real life, ever. To help make sure none of those wedding ruining scenarios ever happen, we’re going to break down anything and everything you, […]

Wedding Planning Checklist by New York Photographers Sava Studio

If you’re planning your own wedding or trying to figure out how to plan a wedding during Covid, you’re not alone. Whether you’re trying to find the best wedding venue, or if you’re trying to book your wedding vendors, we’re here to help. So, enjoy our super thorough wedding planning checklist. Planning your own wedding […]

2023 Wedding Colors

If you’re in the thick of planning your own wedding, you’ll want something fun to do. Picking your wedding colors for your 2023 wedding is one of those fun things! And if you love to keep up with 2023 fashion/color trends, this is the task for you. Picking your wedding colors allows you to just […]

Briarcliff Manor Wedding

BRIARCLIFF MANOR WEDDING | MARYAM & JEFF It seems like just yesterday that Maryam, Jeff, & I met up in White Plains for a coffee. That day, we talked wedding logistics, unprecedented events, and our general interests. The next time we met up was for their engagement session at Kenisco Dam, which was a *dam* […]