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Hey, we're Sava. You can call us Melissa & Michael — biz partners & friends who bonded over our similar educational background, love of coffee & general affinity for timeless wedding photos.

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We've taken everything we learned in art school and used it to influence our wedding photography. When we work together, we want you to almost forget we're there; savor every moment of your wedding day — we'll be right behind you capturing it all. Every wedding can be a work of art - our job is to make sure you see it that way, too.

fast facts

NO. 1

The first time Melissa & Michael met was when Melissa was a student at St. John's. Michael was a professor. He gave a critique. We don't talk about it. (we're totally cool now)

NO. 2

Into astrology? Melissa is an Aries, Michael is a Leo.
Into the enneagram? Melissa is a type 7 (The Enthusiast). Michael is a type 3 (The Achiever).

NO. 3

Melissa's proudest achievement is when she surprised Michael with a mariachi band for his birthday in 2019. It was a whole thing.

NO. 3B

Told you.

we'll freeze time

When we photograph your wedding, we want you to be able to live in those memories for years to come.

You'll receive photographs that are a perfect depiction of every moment, so go ahead and get lost in it.

our work and you

you deserve more from your wedding photographer.

We're the photographers who will direct instead of dictate. We'll tell you when there's a weird shadow on your face or if your hair needs a touch up. It goes beyond just the day of the wedding, though — so we're going to start now.

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new york wedding photographers | sava studio